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Automately Install Dmg Package Under OSX

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The common way install a new app in osx is like:

  1. Install from AppStore;
  2. Download *.dmg file and open it then click install script;

For the App that can only be installed from *.dmg file, there’s a better way to automate the install process. The second way includes following steps:

  1. Download the package-*.dmg file;
  2. Mount *.dmg file to file system- e.g /Volumes/app_name
  3. Install app with the installer or *.pkg file

Given we want to install vagrant: For the first step, say curl -O download_link for people don’t have tools like wget. If you have wget, say installed through brew brew install wget, you can just use wget.

For the second step, we can use hdiutil command to mount the dmg file to /Volumes.

For the last step, the installer in osx perfectly solve the issue. Command like:

sudo installer -store -pkg /Volumes/Vagrant/Vagrant.pkg -target /

And it would use the administrator previlidge to install the package.

For the whole install process, the only thing you need to do is type in the password. And this is an example for fulfilling the automation. Surely it can be improved more genericly, for I only use this for vagrant session.^_^